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Rozen Maiden: Alice
~scarlet-riko 2012
Rozen Maiden copyright goes to Peach-Pit, 2006.


  The dolls were inanimate until Rozen breathed life into them, by inserting the Roza Mysticas into them. Enju was still human, although his life prolonged by the demon, Laplace no Ma. Then under the apprenticeship of Rozen. However, such inexperienced facing the Roza Mysticas made by undoubtedly, alchemy, would cause the human to perish, no matter how tainted with alchemy the man's soul. That is exactly what happened to Enju, when Barasuishou could not contain the six fragments of the Roza Mysticas in them and of course, Enju brought death upon himself when his imposter doll, Barasuishou, could not contain the power of the Roza Mysticas and therefore, perished.
  The Roza Mysticas belonged to and only Rozen and his daughters, the Rozen Maidens. Only a Rozen doll can hope to contain the seven fragments in them without faltering. Barasuishou had been tainted with an artificial Roza Mystica in her and had no artificial spirit, in replacement of the real seventh, the final masterpiece, Kirakishou. She existed in Rozen and only his N-field. She could appear in other N-fields as well, but such required tremendous power and permission from Rozen himself that Kirakishou would rather not bother to. She was contented with being able to see Rozen more often than the other dolls who were weeping and almost dying to see him. She gave a smirk. The first was the master prototype for all of the maestro's dolls and the last was the best piece of handiwork of a dollmaster. Broken as she was, Suigintou wanted a love that a prototype had never given. Touched, he finally gave the poor doll life, regretting that the design had been accidentally lost to fire. The doll can finally fight for his love. His attention. And the spot for... Alice.
  Speaking of which, the last movement of the Alice Game will begin soon...


  Rozen brought them back to life because the doll, Barasuishou had falsely defeated them and tried to be Alice, destroying herself in the process. Therefore the end to the Alice Game was invalid and they had to be brought to life in order to finish the Game. It wouldn't be long before Alice was born.
  There was another way to win, indeed. However, that was to be discovered by the dolls themselves. First they had to bond. Suigintou obviously had trouble with that and only by doing that can Rozen unleash the final doll in the game, which can start and end immediately. However it was just a matter of opinion and well, perspective.
  Kirakishou was dangerously strong, rivalling Shinku and Suigintou.
  She was the last doll, considerably powerful and better and more refined a doll, to add on top of that. She needed a vessel to manifest herself into the real world, however. And the doll had to resort to sleeping in the N-field until she was called to take her place. She could be naughty sometimes, finding a vessel for herself but only to be rejected. Sometimes Rozen paid her a visit and tried to entertain her with love and put her to sleep. He couldn't bear to but for Alice he had. In fact he had not been willing to resort to putting his dolls through such pain and torment but for Alice... he did.
  Still human, alas. He wanted Alice but the different aspects of Alice were in every Roza Mystica. The only way to be Alice was to join them together willingly, forming a huge fragment of the magical Alice. When put in a willing Rozen Maiden, an Alice can be born.
  Rozen loved Alice and his daughters. But they didn't need to fight. But giving each Roza Mystica up to a willing vessel meant that of course, the doll would not be living... anymore. For his pursuit for Alice, he must do this. Of course, a Maiden to become the vessel must display the aspects of Alice. Shinku, one of his favourites, fit the description more than her sisters. But that didn't mean the other dolls couldn't.
  He sighed. Alice must be born. The centuries of wait must end. Barasuishou and Enju show with their appearance. I must unleash Kirakishou and let the Alice Game end, no matter which way they settle it.


  This is it. The last time he winded them, before Alice is born.
  Alice will come.
  Telling Shinku that there is another way to ease her worrying mind, he released the other maidens and unleashed them to the real world where the next action will be chosen. He then worked on the broken body of Barasuishou, fixing her up. A daughter should not be made to pay for her father's actions. She will be the vessel of the final doll, Kirakishou. My dear, your long wait is almost over. Extremely similar, this doll will have no problem becoming your vessel. She shall not be built to be destructive with her built in crystal manipulation anymore, her fake Roza Mystica having been removed. Your soul dominates the body now. Your memories will overlap with your surprise twin and only together you shall manifest yourself into the real world. I shall leave you then, to fight for Alice with your sisters or wilfully be part of the birth of Alice, by selflessness. Your desires come before me, like the other dolls. But do not forget, Alice must be complete. Once you appear, then the Game must truly come and you and your sisters will decide my Alice.
  Stopping, he had fixed her body. Bringing it into the N-field, he opened the case of Kirakishou. Telling her of his intentions, she felt a spark of excitement at being the last piece to complete the Game. Her time has come. Gently carrying Kirakishou to the entrance of the human world, he let the soul, her Roza Mystica envelop Barasuishou's body and the lifeless doll jerked to life, the soul taking over the physical appearance and becoming Kirakishou.
  "Her voice is within you. You both are two sides of a coin and I bring her to life to bring you to life. Be the last piece to start the final Alice Game. And make sure, an Alice is brought to me..." Rozen said and placed her in the case.
  "I shall not fail my otou-sama's wishes..." she said and entered the human world.


  Rozen sat in his rocking chair, fiddling with some doll parts. He had lost interest, for he was looking into the mirror in front of him. Watching the appearance of the true last doll to the rest of the maidens. Watching, he rocked and rocked, watching and waiting for Alice.
For some reason I really want to do fanfictions, ohwell I guess it's sort of a writing practice with weird topics. Exam component includes English Language Composition, don't tell me it was from the British to Singapore again? -facepalm- Y U MAKE US DO THIS! Also, Y U GIVE US UNIFORMS! -angsty face-
Okay enough rambling.
Presenting a short one-shot of Rozen Maiden: Alice Game
P.S I might wanna possibly write more Rozen Maiden fanfics after PSLE. Well, if you know what I mean. SingaporeP6es ftw.
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Thank you! :)
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